Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Where the fusion officially begins

My “fusion” perhaps officially began at our weddings with “double happiness”. I couldn’t bear the thought of "fusing" the two traditions – Chinese and Swedish - and have one wedding. Two contradictory traditions, two families and friends half the world apart, two mothers (my mother and mother-in-law)….  so two weddings it is! Of course, it wouldn’t be a 100% authentic Swedish or Chinese either, as the other half is not. So we introduced subtly each other’s cultural elements in the ceremonies.

Wedding stationeries: wedding programme in red (Chinese wedding or good luck color) and embossed “double happiness”. The same theme in the invitation cards to our Swedish guests and placement cards for the reception.

Although the character “double happiness” is most commonly used for weddings, it is not uncommon to find home decor with the same character such as porcelain vases, cabinets, and pillow cases. Today, “double happiness” is not something that is exclusively for Chinese homes or for weddings, but is also commonly used in Feng shui practice for Love or Happiness. 
A pair of Chinese urns bought at a local auction

Photo album wrapped in Chinese fabric - a nice present idea

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