Tuesday, May 15, 2012

East meets west

It’s fascinating and interesting how our everyday life is so commonly influenced by the different cultures other than our own. After been living in Sweden for more than ten years, some part of me have become more Swedish than an average Svensson; while the other part of me cling on to the traditions and cultures I was raised in for the first 20 years of my life, as it is my identity – a mix of Chinese traditions, infused with Malaysian culture.

Now and again I come across Swedish home designs applying feng shui (closest pronunciation I could find online to the word, which literally means, wind water) practice; and I am captivated by how Asians (or the world) are entranced by perhaps the most exported Swedish home designs you can find – IKEA.

My blog will be dedicated to the best of both world – Western (Swedish) and Oriental (Chinese, Malaysian/South East Asia), and my passion for home design, but who knows I might throw in some recipes, travels,or write a few words about what I believe would be Swedes’ second most favorite flower – orchid (almost everyone gives orchids when they are invited to home-cook meals in Sweden). First being tulips, of course - ONE MILLION tulips are sold in Sweden a day! It is the highest per capita, more than the largest exporting country – the Netherlands itself!

Speaking of tulips – lovely tulips blooming in the garden, and I couldn’t help it but cut a few and put them in the house. They last much longer than the ones you buy in the stores.

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