Friday, August 3, 2012

Old jeans, new use

Found some old jeans the other day. Probably had them when I was 25. They have been in the drawer for ages, didn't think I would be able to fit in them any time in the future...

It's a nice pair of Diesel jeans. Pity to throw them away. So I cut them up and made two nice pillow covers out of them. Added a bit of a fun twist to them - with two pairs of Chinese knots.

No! No! No!

In the latest edition of Elle Mat & Vin (Nr 6 2012), there is an artikel about organizing crayfish party in Chinese style - with Chinese inspired recipes and decorations. Quite a fun idea indeed, except for one small detail.

On the table, they use a kind of paper with Chinese text for putting spring rolls (page 42) - certainly thinking this is better than regular household tissue paper. If you are wondering where to find them, well, I can tell you - they can be found in Chinese/Asian grocery stores, but I wouldn't recommend you use them for table decoration or decorations of any sort. There are different purposes with these "Chinese papers". Some for praying and some for dead people. So if you were indeed inspired by the article and would like to impress your Chinese guests with a "kinesisk kräftskiva" (Chinese crayfish party), I would suggest you leave out the paper.

My second "No" is to Lulu Carter quick fix för badrummet (episode 15 Spring 2012), where she suggests to put shampoo/shower gel in a ceramic bottle. If you plan to do just that, please be aware when you have soap or shampoo in your hand, it may be difficult to open the bottle. The bottle is also slippery to hold. If you want to have a nice looking bottle, find one with a pump. It's easier but not risk-free.

The last "No" is to the same episode (I think it's the same) where Lulu decorates the bathroom with a Buddha. Frankly speaking, a little decency and respect for other religion please! One can have Buddha in a garden or a living area (tv room or dining room) but not in a bathroom or toilet PLEASE! We don't find statues of Jesus or Virgin Mary in bathrooms, do we?